Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wednesday 20th March

AM - a seminar about writing a personal statement for our individual work at the botanical gardens. How we want the viewer to read it i.e. first, second or third person. Whether we want it to be personal or academic. We will write this within 100 words which will give each person the chance of putting one sentence into a collaborative statement with the guidance of Joe and Liz.
While enamelling this afternoon we produced another 3 labels. I used a book binding awl which was really sharp so it enabled me to get a really fine line. I created a first layer by scratching into all 3 ready to work back over them on Friday.

PM - a group meeting for the botanical gardens was held to discuss the work being placed in the middle room. Megan and Danielle are looking into advertisements and printing onto newsprint giving an old, used look. They were thinking of either etching or screen printing. They would be advertising a treatment or cure for an illness with illustrations, looking at the funnier side of remedies. Tony will be making a fan book of sketches using some handmade paper, sketches of plants and herbs that were used for medicines, possibly in the shape of the labels that we will be enamelling. Siony wanted to make some bottles using glass slip, but she will not have enough time to do that anymore. She then thought about using clay slip or enamel to produce a half bottle shape in some moulds she had made. As this was impractical given the time we had left and the time it would take to produce, we suggested she carried on making some textile pieces that she had experimented with before. She had sewn black thread it to a canvas of a plant. We suggested to her that she produced some miniature ones of these onto some canvas and paper to show Cath on Friday, so she could give her opinion and then Siony could continue over the weekend ready to show on Monday as finished work. So now everyone is clear what themselves and everyone else are doing.

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