Tuesday, 19 March 2013

First enamel workshop Tuesday 19th March

At 11:00AM this morning we found out we would be beginning to enamel today. We then spent 2 hours gathering drawings and images from books to work from. I was eager to start learning the process as this would then help me to decide upon my imagery and the types of techniques I could use to push the process to its limits. 
These were our label deisgn with the holes punched through them, this label has been sand blasted as a key for the enamel to stick to, once the black enamel has dried after being coated onto the label it goes into the kiln for 1-3 minutes between 780-840 degrees. It then comes out a shiny black. We wait for it to cool then coat it in white. Once the white has dried we can then scratch into it with a pin, nail, compass or scalpel revealing the black underneath. Once you have completed the drawing on this layer, it goes back into the kiln for another 2-3 minutes. Once this is cooled you sand back the gloss with a metal grater-like sander. You must do this over water so your plate is wet and you do not breathe in the dust particles as they are glass. This then gives you a matt finish to enable you to draw back into your layers. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, painting back into it with the black and white enamel. 
Scratching into the white

Adding layers of enamel and white

Drawing over with pencil

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