Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday 29th January 2013 (PM)

Discussion about morning visit to the Botanical Gardens.

Back at college we sat down to discuss what we thought of the space that had been given to us, and what we could do with it. Joe and Liz who are guiding us through and up to the exhibition wanted to know if any of us had any ideas, Sammi and I explained our idea about wanting to bring the third room to life and fill it with an installation. Both Sammi and myself had been interested in the ageing of the labels from the bottles and decided that we wanted to produce a hanging installation of labels. As this is a collaborative exhibition with everyone from our painting group; Megan, Jenny, Siony, Tam, Tony, Sammi, Danielle, Carla who is on a residency and myself, we all have to have a say in what is decided. Everyone seemed to agree with mine and Sammi's idea. Joe and Liz had suggested that we ask about emptying some of the cabinets to put our work in them as well, then the others would have somewhere to put their work. Ideas of book-making, re-creating medicine remedies, re-creating branding and packaging, making old medicines look new and new medicines look old came about. We all thought these were good and wanted to see some visuals of them. Next week on our trip to the Botanicals we will be visiting their library so we can get some ideas of plants, they're names and what they were used for to start producing visual ideas.  

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