Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday 5th March 2013

Final size, shape and quantity of labels

Cath came to us today wanting to discuss the steel we would use for our labels as she was in the middle of getting quotes as to get the best price. She wanted to know what size sheet we would need as to how many labels we wanted. To get a good installation we would need lots of labels, possibly around 100-150. The size of a sheet of steel was 8x4 Ft. We didn't want our label size to be too small or too big. We quickly folded up a sheet of A4 paper and found that we could get exactly 6 from 1 A4 sheet which would be a size of 7x15cm. We divided all that up and we could get 200 labels from one sheet of steel that would cost us between £200 and £250. We went for our second label choice to keep our costs really low as the steel was quite expensive and had taken over half our budget. 
To know exactly what our installation would look like, we made up a maket of 200 labels from paper and black thread tied on to some batons of wood. We varied the length between long and short as we had discussed in previous meetings. It was good to finally get the whole group involved in making something positive for our collaborative exhibition. 
At first we hung them all together in one big bunch but it wouldn't work too well as you wouldn't be able to see what was on any of the labels after all our hard work drawing on them. We spread them out more to cover a larger area and they looked much better. We might propose for the viewer to walk in between our labels, whether or not the botanics will allow this for health and safety reasons. We will also have to discuss whether we can have the labels at eye/head level as the corners will be sharp. 

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