Sunday, 17 March 2013

Friday 8th February 2013 Library

Friday morning trip to Trinity library with Joe & Liz

This morning Sammi, Jenny, Megan and I met up with Joe and Liz to go the library to get some ideas for our installation, and what we wanted to achieve from some of the books. We had decided to ask Joe and Liz as they have much more knowledge of what books and artists to look at that would help us. We looked at Susan Hiller where she put Holy Water into bottles. Chris Burden's All the Submarines of the United States of America where lots of submarines are handing. Cornelia Parkers Cold Dark Matter- An Exploded View where the contents of a shed have been exploded but hang, and give shadows of the items all around the room. New Breed where broken large scale eggs are suspended from the ceiling and strewn on the ground.
Megan found a couple of books that would help her with her remedies and give her ideas about making some up herself. 
Sammi, Jenny and I, drew up a couple of sketches about our ideas on the label shapes and discussed the colours we wanted to use, Cath had black and white for us to use for free and suggested to keep the costs down we only choose one more colour, so we decided on sepia as it would give a vintage look.

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