Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday 5th February 2013 (AM)

Morning trip to Botanical Gardens to visit their library.

During our second trip to the Gardens, we went back to the Apothecary's Hall to refresh our memory of the space available to us and for us to see how our ideas could work. We asked Bruce whether it would be possible for us to remove some equipment from the cabinets to allow our work to exhibit in there and he said that would be fine as long as we didn't move any of the glass medicine bottles. 
Sammi and I went into the third room to looked at the possibilities for our installation. We looked at the type of lights and natural light from windows as to whether we could include lighting if we wanted to create shadows or reflections. We also looked at how high the ceiling/roof was as to how it would hang, Cath suggested that we borrowed the scaffolding from college but only John, our technician or herself would be able to climb it due to health and safety. Sammi and I thought we could either hang from the metal pole, the wooden beams or place a structure from the windowledge across to the wall the other side to hang from. 
Bruce then took us up to their library for us to have a look at some of the books that people had kindly donated over the years. Margot a volunteer in the library showed us all into a room where we could sit round a table to look at some of the books that somebody had out to write a report about the plants and remedies. The books gave us an idea about the types of plants they used and what they looked liked. There was also a hand written ledger where the pharmacist would have written down who the medicine was for and what the ingredients and ratio were to make it.
On our way out Margot showed us some pressed flowers from their cupboard of DNA samples, they were so neatly arranged on the page and were beautiful. I managed to take a photo of a poster on the door which explains how they came about all these samples which I found very interesting. 

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