Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday 5th February 2013 (PM)

Discussion in the board room with Joe & Liz

Back in college was another discussion about todays findings from the gardens. Joe and Liz wanted us to come up with a tittle for the exhibition, we all had a couple of minutes to ourselves to think of something but we couldn't think of anyhting. Then we remembered back to Margot from the library telling us about the medicines, and she had used a term called 'materia medica'. We all, except Tony decided that we wanted to use that, but as it is a collaborative exhibition we couldn't go ahead until we had Tony on board. His reasoning for not wanted to use that title was understandable but as he nor anyone else could think of anything different he gave us the go-ahead to use it. 
Jenny had decided that she wanted to join Sammi and I in the installation as she had a real interest in the old bottle labels too. Cath Fairgrieve had explained the enamelling process to us and its outcome and we instantly wanted to have that effect where we would be working onto steel plates. We could draw on them, use text and a painted technique, it gets put into the kiln for a couple of minutes and when the process is complete it looks so delicate. 
In the second room Danielle and Megan wanted to re-create old medicines into new medicines or its packaging of new medicines into the old style and showing cures for the problems. Carla will be layering up photos and producing a series of prints that will go into the cabinets. Tony, Tam and Siony's ideas are still unsure but they are coming with an idea to the table after half term where we will all discuss our ideas with visual imagery so we all clearly understand everyones plans. 

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