Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday 19th February 2013

Morning discussion 

Today was the day to bring all our ideas and visuals to the table so that everyone had a clear view of what the individual ideas were. I thought about having a variation of some big and some small labels so that the viewer would have to get up close to see what the text on the label says. 
 We had all decided that we wanted our labels to be this nice design cut with a old style pattern on top, cut in the same shape as a luggage label. If it was too expensive or we were unable to get our labels cut into that shape then our second choice was to have them cut with straight lines. This would keep our costs to a minimum. 
My idea for what was to be put onto the labels, was a drawing of the plant/flower/herb on one side then text with its name and a description of how to use it so solve your symptoms on the back.
I want them to hang so that they over lap each other. This means that the viewer has to get close to see each different label. I also want them hanging at different lengths to give a sense of filling a space so people can walk around them and possibly walk through them. 
I saw some of Megan's sketches of her idea. Drawing small pictures of animals that were said to help cure people. I thought these worked really well.
 This morning Cath had brought in some of her enamel work to show us what we could do within the enamelling process. This was the first time we had seen any work since we heard about the process, but we instantly made a decision we wanted to use it. We thought about using copper too but it was too expensive, so we are going to stick to steel. Cath had made some enamel books made from steel, and there was so much detail that I didn't think you could get. 
We found out that we can only use one side of our steel as we don't have enough time to prepare and work on both, so I will layer my drawings and text to get all the information I want. 
We also told Cath that we wanted our one colour that she was going to buy to be sepia. She was going to buy that along with our steel today. 
Cath found out today that the college scaffolding was unsafe to use so we couldn't take it to put up our show in the Botanical Gardens. She was going to see if she could borrow some from a friend but only she would be able to climb that for health and safety reasons. If she was unable to borrow any we would have to pay to hire some for two days while we put up and take down our show which would use up the rest of our budget. Sammy, Jenny and I will have to come up with a possible back up plan if we cannot hang our installation. 
We are still waiting to hear about and see ideas form Tony, Tam and Siony as it is a collaborative exhibition so we need to make sure it all fits and flows together. 

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