Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wednesday 17th April

Discussion about workshop for the opening.

We will be carrying out two workshops at the Botanics for our open day. Cath has put them down in the programme as 'a drawing extravaganza and bookbinding'.
Today we discussed and decided how we were going to run these workshops, and what materials we would need. 
We had to think about whether we wanted the drawing to be collaborative or individual for people to take away with them. We thought about the size of the paper, would it be large or small scale. After deciding on a collaborative drawing where everyone could get involved at the same time of any age. Thinking about where the paper would be used, on the floor or on a wall or a table? We discussed using a table with a roll of lining paper. We would be able to roll out the paper as it filled up with drawings. These could then be include in our exhibition and could hang alongside the prints that the first years made. Eventually, we decided on a large piece of paper that we would stick to the wall. Cath was going back to the gardens to check which wall would be suitable to hold staples so the paper wouldn't fall off. We thought about the weather, and if it was a nice day we could use the area outside the apothecary's hall. Liz had remembered that there were coble-like blocks outside and it would show through as relief. Even though the third room will hang our installation, it is the only room that has a flat wall big enough to hang a large piece of paper for a collaborative drawing. We have agreed to hang the paper in there just for the opening, unless it looks really good and adds to the exhibition. We will use easy drawing materials such as; charcoal, pencils and possibly some crayons for the younger kids. These are cheap to buy in and easy for small kids and adults to use. The only problem with using charcoal is that is makes quite a bit on mess. We will have a supply of baby wipes for people to wipe their hands when they finish drawing.  When we leave we will hoover up the mess from the charcoal on the floor, or we could lay some paper on to floor and take it up when we've finished.  
Deciding on some instructions to give the collaborative drawers was the hardest part to come up with. In the end we decided on giving them a choice. We will have some pestle and mortars for them to grind up some herbs to see the different between ground and fresh. We will give them some fresh herbs to draw using their senses- draw feeling the herb with a blind fold on, draw what they think the herb smells like or what the herb reminds them of. 

For the book binding, we will help the public to make a simple pamphlet stitch book using a4 printer paper with a coloured card cover. Hopefully we will be able to print an advertisement onto the back on the coloured card covers. When people then bring they're books away with them to show family and friends, they will see the advertisement and also possibly want visit our exhibition. Older kids and adults will be able to use the awl and needle to make they're book but smaller kids can decorate the covers for their mum with pencils, stencils and stickers that we will provide. 

As it is going to be such a long day we will need to make time for all of us to have a lunch break. For the book binding we will do a session every half hour. This allows time to make and decorate the books and time to clean up and get prepared for the next group. We have no idea how many people are going to be around the botanics. It will be a bank holiday Saturday so hopefully tourists and locals will want to visit for extra activities. 
Half of the group; Jenny, Megan, Sammi, Danielle and I will be arriving at the gardens at 10am to set up ready to start by 10:30am. The other half; Tony, Siony and Tam will be arriving at 12pm ready for the opening of our exhibition between 12 and 12:30 pm. 

We began discussing invites in the afternoon. We had a couple of examples from galleries in town of what to include; place (where), time, date, who we are and what were doing. We also had to have Welsh translation for it all, so it was best for us to keep it simple. We gave our example to Cath and she was going to create them for us. We also took photos of our labels as an image for the invites so people would have an idea of what our work is. 

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