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Tuesday 26th March- Elizabeth Turrel

Elizabeth Turrel 

Our day with Elizabeth started at 10am where she began by showing us some of her work that she had brought with her. 

After she had talked through some pieces of her work explaining how she achieved different techniques and materials she used, we went into a lecture room so she could give us a seminar about different enamelling artists. Some of my favourites were Jessica Colder-Wood, Esther Knobel and Jane Short. 
During the afternoon when we started to enamel, Elizabeth brought her tools with her which we were able to experiment with, my favourite of her tools was a wire hairbrush cleaner which I thought looked like a mini garden rake.
It created some beautiful textured marks. She also suggested that I used a paint brush to brush away all the enamel powder as the hairs would gently remove the dust without chipping the enamel away. 
This is what happened after 2 firings in the kiln. One coat of black and one of white, the enamel kept pinging off and no-one was sure why. 
 With these I experimented with some of Elizabeths stencils. I scratched away the enamel for some and just left an outline for others.
 I then drew back into it with pencil after sanding back so it was a matt finish.
 Experimenting with a rubber stamp set after Elizabeth showed us the process. Getting a stamp and placing it on an ink pad. Then stamping onto the label. Getting some enamel powder and covering the ink with a fine sieve and then putting it into the kiln which achieves this effect.
This was done using some roulette tools of Elizabeths that I also remembered using from printmaking to create different marks and textures. 
Elizabeth was very happy that were using the enamelling process. She also told us how good our work was turning out, especially as none of us had ever done this process before. 

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