Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday 2nd May 2013

Setting up at the Botanics

Cath, Joe, Liz, Carla and John had been at the Botanical Gardens yesterday (Wednesday) cleaning, putting up the scaffolding and emptying the cabinets ready for us to arrive today to hang the installation. They had also managed to get a supermarket cage which they took apart for us to use. We use it to hang our installation from, as it is a grid of small squares. 

Carla had set up her prints and a book she had made yesterday as she was unable to make today or tomorrow. Cath and Liz had set up 2 cabinets. One with some victorian enamelware that had transferred decals, the other, a cabinet containing some old weighing scales and some copper dishes that had been enamelled also with some decals.

When we arrived, a couple of labels had already been hung. Liz had worked out that they were going to hang in a dish-like way. There would be 5 layers of circles. We did half the circle first. The 1st layer around the outside would have 40 labels which hung at 120" of fishing line. This is the shortest layer. The second layer would have 34 labels hung at 130", getting a tiny bit longer. The third layer would hang 20 labels which hung at 138". The fourth layer hung 5 labels at 145" and the inside layer would hold 3 labels at 150", the longest length. We then worked backwards hanging the other half of our circle hanging layer four; 5 labels at 145.
Threading all the labels took a long time. The reason being was having to measure all the fishing line at different lengths then tying it onto the labels, making sure they were kept in groups of their length.

Megan, Danielle and Sammi arranged the cabinets for Megan's, Danielle's and Siony's work. They did a really good job and managed to get Megan and Siony's to blend in with the other cabinets really well.
Trying out different ways of displaying Megan's work

Cath and Liz's enamelled copper dishes and some weighing scales and weights

Some text decals

Danielle's work beginning to be displayed
A book that Liz had made with some garden tags

Megan's work displayed in the cabinet

Danielle's work displayed in the cabinet with Liz's book

Cath and Liz's decal enamelware

Carla's print plates and book

Siony's sewed canvases

Tony's books

Danielle's second cabinet

Danielle's work

The label installation when we arrived this morning

Measuring the fishing line

Tying the fishing line to the labels

A pile of the different lengths for different sections

The installation when we left this afternoon (first year prints hanging on wall behind)

Half of the installation taking place

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