Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Saturday 4th May - Exhibition Opening

Exhibition Opening & workshops

Megan, Jenny, Sammi and myself arrived at the Botanical Gardens at 11am ready to set up the workshops. Cath, Joe, Liz, Tony, Siony and Danielle arrived at half 11. Siony set up the refreshments while Cath, Joe and Liz helped me to set out the bookbinding workshop.
At 12 pm, we served our refreshments. More people gradually began to wonder in but it wasn't as busy as thought it would have been, this was probably due to the weather.
When my mum arrived I gave her the tour around our exhibition showing her what we had all achieved and she was thought it all worked very well within the space, as well as it being amazing, she was very proud of us all. 
I then went back to bookbinding and helped a little girl make a book. We made it together, one to one so she could use the tools, I put them in position and she pressed them down and through. She then decorated it and brought it back to show me what she had done and to say thank you. I helped another couple of kids to make a book and made some for their little siblings that they could take home to them. 
I didn't have anything to do with the collaborative drawing in the end, but I did see the final outcome and it looked to have gone very well. 
When it came to cleaning up we decided that we were going to leave it up as it worked as a  piece of work. 
Sammi, Cath, Joe and Liz left the gardens at around 3pm. Megan, Jenny and I decided to stay for another hour to help clean up. With the 5 of us helping it didn't take long at all. We put all the tables and chairs back in their sheds and wiped everything down. Making sure that everything was left how we found it.
We managed to leave the gardens just after 4pm. I had such a lovely day and actually enjoyed teaching people to make books. It was such a wonderful experience and I would definitely do something like that again.

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