Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Friday 3rd May

Finalising our exhibition

Today Liz and I mounted name tags and titles of everyones work to lay by the side of their work in the cabinets. When we had placed these into the cabinets Jenny and I took some posters and walked around the gardens asking if we could put them up to advertise our exhibition. When we got back to the apothecaries hall everything had been hung. John and Cath were in the process of trying to put up some spot lights to create the shadows we wanted around the room. As the plug sockets and extension leads were only on one wall and able to be put up safely, we could only cast shadows on one wall around a corner. We tried to adjust the spot lights and add in more to cast shadows across the second wall but it didn't work as well, so we limited out lights down to two. We also had to arrange the spots so that they didn't blind anyone as they walked in. 

1st year Prints
After that has been completed, it was down to us to clean up while John and Lyndon took down the scaffolding. We helped to carry the scaffolding out and load it on to the trailer. Hoovering up the carpet in the installation room was the biggest task as it took ages. I had to pick up the cut offs of fishing line as the Hoover wouldn't pick them up.

Instead of everyone making cakes for a cake sale in college we decided that we would all put £6 into a pot as then we would have to put all the time into buying ingredients, baking the cakes and selling them. I had managed to collect the money off everyone so in our pot we had £42. 
I gave £2 to Megan so she could go and buy me 2 packets of cups from the pound shop as that was the cheapest we could get them; £2 for 160 plastic white cups. 
I went to the co-op as they had packets of crisps on offer for £1 each so I bought 4 of them. Our budget was now down to £36. Cath also kindly gave us £20.
I went online to Tescos to see what sort of prices boxes of wine were. I also asked my step dad to recommend a good wine that they sold. 
I bought 2 boxes of wine that were £16 each, 8 cartons of orange juice for £7 and a bottle of orange squash for £1.50. We also needed some table cloths for our refreshment and bookmaking tables, so I got 2 of those for £2 each and 3 packets of baby wipes for 50p each.
Altogether that totalled £52 so we still have £10 in our budget which we will probably put towards something in our 3rd year.

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